Amodule Network—Conmercial Distributed Smart Contract Mudule Network

To build a distributed smart contract module network at the commercial level, with the characteristics of high-speed transaction, modular smart contract and infinite scalability, to solve the problems of the extensibility of the existing blockchain technology and the relatively high technical threshold.。


Special thanks to the contributions and support of Consultants and technical team of Amodule Network
Zu Weihan(Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)、Zhao Bin( Master of Science, University of Stuttgart, Germany)、Hu Xuan( Master of Science, University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Jack Wang(Master of Science, Central University for nationalities)、Uncle Jet(Master of Science and Technology, China University of Science and Technology)

Based on DAG protocol, Amodule Network solves the problem of bloated data block, visual operating system and modular intelligent contract, which provides an effective way for scalability, and is also easier to operate. Amodule Network simplifies the interface of intelligent contract centrally, greatly shortens the development cycle between business model design and actual information data chain, and reduces the technical threshold of developers. DAPP, which can establish and distribute various content-related services, redefines the standard of the application base chain.


  • Easy for development

    The modular intelligent contract provides the developer with the bottom template under various application scenarios, supports a variety of programming languages with a multi-computer language visual operating system, and greatly reduces the development difficulty of the DAPP.

  • Transaction fee free

    There is no transaction fee for the ordinary user of the Amodule Network, only a small amount of Dapp development and the derivative service fee, and is very friendly to the normal user and the developer.

What is AMO?

Watch our video to find out!


Medical information

The blockchain of the medical information area is more beneficial to the construction of intelligent medical services, and the communication consumption of the intermediate links is greatly reduced. The medical institution can keep the image video record in the treatment process and the related character material to keep the non-tampered transparent and credible data for medical disputes that may occur.

Intellectual property

The existence proof of intellectual property rights is the earliest block chain authentication service. It can be proved for digital assets through the characteristics of decentralized block chain network, stability, persistence, untampering and so on. There are many problems in the traditional way, and the blockchain technology has produced subversive innovation to IP protection and solved the problem of IP protection completely.

Mesh network

The Mesh network can be built on the standard chain, and the consensus mechanism in the standard chain can be used to measure the contribution of the equipment and allocate the reward to the equipment, so that the Mesh network can develop economically.

Digital Asset

Amodule Network will use visual operating system, and can quickly issue native block chain assets by referencing standard instruction characters through intelligent contract model.


The overall design of the Aodule Network system is based on a hierarchical architecture, and the bottom is the protocol layer. The protocol layer mainly includes network programming, propagation mechanism, algorithm, encryption signature, time stamp, and data storage technology.

Modular Smart Contract

The Amodule Network script language Turing is complete, and the intelligent contracts that can be accurately defined can be developed and written. The basic functions of each scene business can be split in the extension layer, packaged into different files and referenced when needed, so as to carry out modular management of the code.

DAG Protocol

In fact, DAG is a kind of data structure, like array, arrangement and blockchain, except that DAG changes the longest chain consensus into the heaviest chain consensus. In DAG, each new unit is added not only to one block in the long chain, but to all the previous blocks.

Distributed File System

The file is identified by generating a unique hash value from the contents of the file, rather than by the location where the file is saved. There will only be one file with the same content in the system, saving storage space. The history of file modification can be traced back.

Amodule VM

Amodule Network uses the underlying virtual machine to reduce the threshold of programming language, so that the existing Dapp migration can also become more convenient, reduce the use of code as much as possible, and give developers more time to pay attention to the application and the user itself.

Cross-chain communication

Amodule Networkis a multi-chain parallel mechanism, not only an independent basic underlying network. In the intelligent contract scenario, developers choose the subchain according to the requirements, define the degree of closure, and share the main chain information with the whole network.

Issuing Mechanism

AMO is the Token of Amodule Network,it will be used to support system development and maintain the ecological operation of the system, as shown in the development, download DAPP access to other system services and so on, it will never be issued.

Strategic stockpile:20%
It is used to continuously expand the international strategic partners.
Development team:10%
For Amodule Network project technical development network maintenance, core team members incentive.
Ecosystem expansion:25%
It is used to build Amodule Network ecosystem, stimulate DAPP development and establish competition barriers.
Market incentive:17%
It is used for project incentive, including offline roadshow, meet up, online community construction and maintenance, airdrop activities and so on.
It is used to attract, retain and stimulate the technology of block chain. The community industry of block chain has rich experience in management, technology and marketing personnel to carry out the project operation and maintenance management, establish a project operation and maintenance team with strong operational capability, and also guarantee the safety of the international leading project technology.
Institutional investment:2%
Angel round investment:1%




Model design and demonstration, scheme design.
White paper preparation, design



Main chain frame begin to design
Tokens and smart contract is written
White paper is revised and updated.
Community is built-up



Enable project official network
Go to Exchange
Build architecture
Test protocol online



Test Chain on line
Pulish the wallet v1



Main network on line
Hold the DAPP Global Development Hack-Marathon
Start global tourment

Special thanks to the following mechanisms for the support of the Amdule Network:

BlockGeek community、CodeChain、ZTE-5G(German)、University of Liverpool、University of Ireland、Blockware Solutions